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Embrace Timeless Interior Design: You've finally completed that renovation, only to realise your design style has changed. Sound familiar?

In the world of design, evolution is constant. Trends shift, preferences transform, and styles evolve. The allure of exploration and experimentation reigns supreme.

As a designer, my journey has been marked by a perpetual state of flux. Rather than adhering to a singular aesthetic, I find myself drawn to the endless possibilities afforded by embracing change. This propensity for fluidity has not only shaped my work but has also become a defining characteristic of my design philosophy. It is also the reason that I find it difficult to articulate my design style. I could simply never be able to name my design style the likes of contemporary, Scandi, Japandi or even eclectic. If I'm honest you, its an emulation of many styles, rendering my design style timeless and classic.

Have you ever completed a room design or god forbid a home renovation, only to realise it has taken so long for you to complete as a DIY project that when it is finally complete you no longer like the design direction you have gone in? You realise you have leaned too far into one singular design style a perhaps it is no longer the tend and your preference would be to go in a completely different direction? In my view, this is because too often people design with a singular design style in mind and move full steam ahead in that direction without incorporating a mix of styles. Opting for timeless Interior Design is something I always advise my clients to consider.

One of the joys of embracing fluidity in design is the freedom it affords. Rather than feeling constrained by the confines of a particular style, I am empowered to push boundaries, challenge conventions, and defy expectations. This sense of liberation fosters creativity and allows for the cultivation of a truly unique and dynamic design aesthetic.

Moreover, my penchant for changing design styles has enabled me to remain responsive to the ever-shifting needs and desires of my clients. In a world where trends come and go at a breakneck pace, the ability to adapt and evolve is paramount. By staying attuned to emerging trends and evolving tastes, I am better equipped to deliver designs that resonate deeply with my clients.

Of course, navigating the constant ebb and flow of design trends is not without its challenges. It requires a willingness to embrace uncertainty, to venture into uncharted territory, and to accept that not every experiment will yield success. Yet, it is precisely this willingness to take risks that fuels growth and innovation.

In the end, perhaps the true beauty of design lies not in the destination, but in the journey itself. And for those of us who dare to embrace the art of flux, the journey is bound to be a thrilling and endlessly rewarding one.

Sandra Carmichael Interiors firmly believe that people enjoy spending time in spaces that they love. This goes for our homes and our business spaces. We all know that everyone has different ideas of good design but the one thing that is certain is that good design can be appreciate by everyone, great design inspires people to implement it.

Sandra Carmichael Interiors is based in West Sussex and we take on clients looking to update and redesign or renovate their homes and also small retail business space in London, West Sussex, East Sussex and Mid Sussex. We can of course take you on as a virtual package client anywhere in the UK. Get in touch to see if we are able to help.

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