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The Ghost of Christmas past

Updated: Feb 15

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Let’s take a little trip down memory lane of Christmas past. I can only hope you are old enough to remember my references and explanations of those truly diabolical décor trends we used to purchase with promise and use to decorate our homes with pride.

Now, I’ll be the first to acknowledge that many trends come full circle every-so-often, but I think I can say with conviction that these will remain well and truly tucked away in the 80’s. Or at the very least, one can only hope they will.

1. The Thick, Shiny Snake of Yesteryear Remember when tinsel wasn’t just an accessory but a dominant force? Not only did we drape it on our trees, but we emblazoned our ceilings, the table and sometimes even ourselves. The goal – to turn our homes into a metallic jungle.

2. The Accordion of Shiny Stuff Ahhh, the foil garland often draped on the ceiling from one side of the room to the other. The room in question? ANYWHERE! There were an assortment of colours but the intricate patterned foil usually showed itself off in shiny gold, red or green. Exhibit A - we shant forget

3. The Fibre Optic Tree – a mesmerising dance of colour that left us feeling like we were trapped in a low budget sci-fi movie.

4. Musial Christmas lights Dancing to the beat of Christmas songs? Usually an amalgamation of blue, green, red and yellow sometime flashing or simply just constant and dazzling us with their grandeur.

5. Flocked Frosted everything And I mean everything! I remember as a child spraying the snow on the artificial fibre Optic tree with glee. I grew up in Africa and had never seen snow before, not to mention the stifling heat that December brought with it. It was all very confusing.

As we laugh and cringe and recall the wonderful memories from yonder Christmas’ past, let’s take the time to reflect on how we decorate with a contrasting paired back approach nowadays. If you find yourself still reaching for these yonder year trends, it may be time to get some professional help which will save you an enormous amount of money in the long run. Help will ensure that you invest in timeless decorations that will last for years to come and may even give you a few more family traditions to add to your holiday cheer. Let's leave those 80's decorations in the the 80's shall we?

Get your home ready for the holiday season with Sandra Carmichael Interiors, we offer a Christmas decoration service. Our interior design expertise will make your space welcoming, cozy, and beautiful for family and friends to enjoy. Located in Haywards Heath, UK and we cover Horsham, Crawley, Brighton, Uckfield, Billingshurst and East Grinstead.

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