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Do you know what your design style is?

Updated: Feb 12

Homely living room with grey sofa and ottoman. The room is a mixture of contemporary, antique and rustic items. Incredibly cosy.
Cosy living room, mixture of contemporary, rustic and antique style

I honestly cannot describe the number of clients I work with that ask me how they could go about figuring out their design style - after all that is why they have come to us at Sandra Carmichael Interiors to help them create the space they never knew they wanted.

The truth is, there are not very many interior designers that are able to describe their signature style either (or at least most of the good one's aren't able too). An amalgamation of numerous design styles in any room is not only required, it's essential. Mixing antiques with contemporary pieces, unexpected patterns, textures and colours makes a intriguing space. From my perspective there is nothing more disinteresting and deflating than walking into a room with identical furniture, two or three pieces of exactly the same sofa in the same colour with the same shape in the same room. Why are so many of us still visiting showrooms and buying all the items in the display - WHY ???

I fully appreciate that the choices are endless on almost every item and the decision making process can be daunting, but my first bit of advice I give to clients that don't know where to start is - ask yourself, how you want the room to feel and that generally dictates the colours you gravitate towards. Now, go to your wardrobe, open it and stand back. What colours do you see, are most of the cloths in your wardrobe formal, or causal? You will be surprised at how we dress almost directly translates into how we want our homes to look and feel from an interior design perspective. This doesn't detract from the fact that the choices still remain endless and that there is a copious amount of theory behind making a room both functional and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. But luckily there is a solution for this, an interior designer.

My challenge to you is, if you are still living in a home with identical sofa's in the living room, all your flat packed furniture (now built of course) is shiny white and characterless, allow us to to help you make your home a place you want to spend time. It doesn't matter if you are renting or own your home, whether the space you have to redesign is large or small, you will not regret creating a space you never want to leave or look forward to returning! Get in touch with us at Sandra Carmichael Interiors and we will exceed your expectations of what an Interior Design Studio can do for you and your family

Why not have an obligation free 30 minute conversation with us and see what we can do for you? Located in Haywards Heath we cover all of Mid-Sussex, Horsham, Crawley, Brighton, Uckfield, Billingshurst, Crawley Downs, East Grinstead and everything in between.

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